Planet Peacock

Empowering You To Make Profit
By Following Your Passion & Purpose

Do You Want to Master Your Business?


Are you ready to invest and take your business seriously to the next level?
Do you want to develop the business skills you need in order to do this –
Clearing a constantly cluttered mind, in-decision, in-action and fear?



then this “Planet” is for you


You’ve set up your business.
You’re passionate about what you do and you’re amazing at it but the business side is a completely different set of skills.
It all feels so overwhelming; cost of acquisition, return on investment, key performance indicators, gross margins,
profit, strategy, vision, mission, s.w.o.t analysis, training needs analysis…

and where do you even start?

Planet Peacock gives you all the business skills you need to move from where you are to where you really want to be.


Having these essential business skills puts you in the driving seat of your business and
gives you a competitive advantage enabling you to
create the most incredible business and live your most fulfilling and best life.

What is the Planet Peacock Business Success Club?

Your Zone of Genius

The Planet Peacock Business Success Club is aimed at entrepreneurs & small business owners who are looking to step in to their own zone of genius and really make a difference in their world.

Resources & Development

The Planet Peacock Business Success Club provides a safe place to brainstorm ideas, mix and mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs and get their hands on the mammoth amount of business resources, personal development and expertise they need for a truly affordable small monthly fee.

Live Your Life On Purpose

The Club is here to bring like minded people together – people who want a new challenge and to live their life on purpose and make money from the work they love

Make a Lot Of Money

It’s for people looking to make a lot of money by running a successful business on their term

Truly Succeed

The Planet Peacock Business Success Club is ultimately for people who want to truly succeed

So, is planet peacock right for you?

Well, the first question to ask is are you in business?

Did you set up your business filled with motivation and optimism, but are now feeling stuck and want to avoid stagnation? Or are ready to up-level and grow your business?

Believe it or not, the principles of business apply to almost every business – whether you are a coach, manufacturing bespoke kitchens, an author, a therapist, a singing teacher, a hotelier, an event planner, a fashion designer, a hairdresser, an artist, a private school, a high street shop, a baker, a tailor, a florist, a web designer, graphic designer, an accountancy practice, a nursing home, a bar, a restaurant, an online shop…… you still need the same skills and knowledge.

What’s more you also all need peer support. It can be a lonely world when you’re the boss. Being surrounded by people just like you is enormously beneficial. Being part of a community that has your back, but that’s also not so big you feel lost in it and overwhelmed.

Do you want to succeed?

Would you build time in to your schedule to work through the resources and use the expertise within the network?

Would you and your business benefit from taking time out to attend a Business Retreat ? Where you would be confident about knowing your fellow attendees as they’ve come from Planet Peacock too? Where you can re-fresh, re-invigorate, relax and re-energise both you and your business?

Would you like access to me (a business coach, business consultant, life coach & years of experience) at a truly affordable small monthly fee?

Carol has been a joy to work with and has empowered me to move my business to the next level. I look forward to where we will go next. I was very tentative about moving my business forwards but Carol has made it all feel possible and helped me on my journey. Carol is incredibly supportive, encouraging and empowering. She goes massively over and above in her work. She even recommended a book that was rather life changing.

Rebecca Schwarz

Here is what is included in your membership

Expert Business Resources

Workbooks, planners, checklists, plus regular goal setting and review webinars. Dip in to what you need as and when you need it. More added each month.

Hands On Expertise

Every working day you’ll find us providing expertise and advice over in the Private Facebook Group.

Peer Support

When you go it alone, the first thing you often miss is peer support. This is fundamental in the club. You’ll find a safe place where you can voice your worries, concerns and ask for advice as well as share your triumphs and successes.

Look Great, Feel Fabulous

Hints, Top Tips, Workbooks, Guides all designed to help you manage life as a busy entrepreneur and ensure you are looking and feeling your best.

Business Retreats

You’ll have amazing opportunities to join us on regular inspiring and transformational Business Retreats in awesome locations – space you need to really work on yourself and business.

One-To-One Upgrade Options

For times when you would value additional support or want to make massive progress, you can purchase hugely discounted one to one business coaching and consultancy one to one sessions.

Plus these additional benefits:


No Fixed Term Contract You can stay a member as long as you like. Exit whenever you need or want.


Affordable with Tons of Value You get so much for one small monthly fee! Each month you’ll find new material to access, learn from and implement to grow your business and meet your goals


Regular live sessions to plan, analyse and review your progress and ask questions


I’m Carol Evans. Founder of Consultancy and Coaching and the Planet Peacock Business Success Club.

I know how isolating it can feel when you’re the boss. I know how your head can be bursting with ideas that fill you with excitement yet leave you dithering because you’re unsure what to act on first….

I know how great it is to have peer support, to be able to test out ideas and ask for help in a safe place.

So, I created this club for you.

You started a business that you are passionate about and want to succeed in, but you also want time and money to enjoy your life outside of it.

Planet Peacock is your safe place. Come and join us if you want to be surrounded by inspiration, motivation and a desire to succeed, as well as get your hands on business resources and expertise to help your business soar.

I look forward to working with you and celebrating your successes.


Ultimately we not only want you to succeed, we want you to live a life you truly love

Get Results

More revenue, more profits, more customers, more fans, great feedback, lower costs, great relationships etc. Set targets that move you towards your goals and see the results come flooding in

Better Life Balance

No more working all hours. The skills and support you’ll gain will improve your focus when you work, meaning you get to enjoy your “down time” more – and you’ll soon see how this improves your overall life

Peer Support

You’ll no longer feel alone! Enjoy making new friends, running your ideas past people you can trust, venting if you need and supporting where you can. It’s the boost that will help get you through the toughest times.

Increased drive and motivation

No more dithering! You’ll know what to do, you’ll get the push you need if you get stuck in a rut, you’ll be surrounded by positive people driving you onwards and upwards

Satisfaction, Happiness & Confidence

This is what it’s all about. The great feeling of satisfaction from getting a job done. The confidence in knowing you’re on the right path and the ultimate happiness from living that life you love

Planet Peacock Membership Is NOT For You If:


You are not ready to commit to taking action that will grow and develop your business


You've already built a 7 figure business


You’ve no interest in developing your business skills, knowledge and mindset


You are not IN, or thinking of going IN TO business

All These Benefits for One Small Monthly Fee

Continually Expanding Library of Business & Personal Development Resources

Private Community of Likeminded Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Member’s Directory to Promote You & Your Business & Find People with Services & Products To Help You

Regular Facebook Lives & Webinars for Goal Setting, Question & Answer Sessions Etc

Opportunity to Add on Discounted One to One Consultancy / Coaching Sessions as Required

Chance To Book on to Inspiring Business Retreats

One Low Monthly Affordable Fee of £39 - Join Now For Opening Offer and Get 40%

Launch Rate Discount

Join Now For 40% Off Lifelong Membership

Code: Launch2019

So. are you ready to join?


You’ve nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain….

Opening Offer
Join Now & Get 40% Off
– Every Single Month You Stay A Member


How much does the membership cost?

Membership to the Planet Peacock Business Success Club costs £39 per month and can be paid quickly, easily and securely via PayPal.
If you have a coupon/discount code, you will be able to use this on signing up and it will be valid for each month you stay a member.

How much notice do I need to give?

You can cancel your Planet Peacock Business Success Club Membership at any time. You do not have to stay a member for any specific period of time. You are free to leave as you see fit. Once you cancel your membership (via your own personal account) your access to both online library resources and the private facebook group will run until the  end of your billing period.

We hope you’ll love us though and want to stay forever!

How can I book a one to one session with you?

You will be able to buy this via PayPal and then you will receive a scheduling link to my appointment diary, where you will be able to book a time that’s suitable for you.

There’ll be a short form for you to complete, so I know what your priority is before we start the call

How do I access the library of business & personal development resources?

The library of business and personal development resources can be found on the website when you login in with your membership details. YOu’ll see a header marked Library resources and you can click through and see what’s on offer.

Come back and visit this section often, as we are adding resources all the time!

Tip! Focus first on the area that is a priority to you!

So. are you ready to join?


You’ve nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain….

Join NOW

Benefits of Planet Peacock Business Retreats

All Planet Peacock Business Success Club members will get priority access to Business Retreats.

To suit you all there is a mix of venues from across Europe and will extend to further afield shortly

Each destinations will offer you an element of peace as well as of interest for those of you who like to get out and explore.

Each retreat will provide you with a range of optional activities and tours so you can get to experience the delights of each location.

Why Attend A Business Retreat with Planet Peacock?

Business Retreats will provide you with priceless time to work in a truly in depth manner on both yourself and your business. Dedicated time away from day to day distractions will allow transformation of a lasting kind.

People will see things in you that you do not see yourself

You can let go completely – break free from day to day constraints and restrictions

Surround yourself with a dynamic peer group that can help you raise your vibration, self esteem, motivation and belief

You’ll gain different perspectives from other people that will help you to think differently

Small numbers mean you’ll get the hands on learning you deserve

This is where the magic happens. You’ll find it life changing and transformational – it’s what happens when you get like minded supportive women together






Take You & Your Business To New Heights!

So. are you ready to join?


You’ve nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain….

Join NOW